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SEO Doesn't Have To Be Hard -

SEO Doesn’t Have To Be Hard –

The Gold Coast is a major tourist destination in Queensland and as such the economy of the Gold Coast and its development has centered on the tourism industry. What was originally a small beachfront town has now grown into one of the largest Australian cities. As such, we as a SEO Gold Coast Company, strive to make the local businesses grow by utilising our suite of internet marketing methods such as search engine optimisation.

Due to the fast changing economic landscape we find ourselves in, it is vital for businesses to constantly be innovative and in front of the pack in their marketing efforts so they can make their presence known and recognised in the market. At Big Ideas Online we pride ourselves on our ability to work with our clients to meet their objectives and goals.

Using ONLY the most effective search engine marketing methods, we get the websites of our clients to rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPS). We get our clients to not only the first page of the results but to the number one position by utilising on page and off page SEO techniques. We make sure that our clients websites remain in the good books of the search engines by using ethical SEO practices.


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Many SEO companies currently offer “Page One Guarantees“. There are a few things you should be aware of:

– Some SEOs will target “easy keywords” that aren’t competitive and won’t get you any traffic

– Being on Page One of Google is only a first step. The number #1 website receives even up to 15x as much traffic as website #10 (and both are on Page One!).

Choose an SEO company that will get your website #1 in Google and not just onto page 1.

To see for yourself why this is so vitally important, take a look at the heat-map to the right which shows where users click on a search results page in Google.

43.2% of users click on the number one position while only 8.3% of users click on position 10 even though it is on the first page.


How much profit are you missing out on by not appearing on the first page of Google?

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