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search engine optimisation

Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimisation?

If your business is online then you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Have you ever considered how profitable your business could be if:

Checkmark Your site was found each and every time a potential customer or client considered buying your product or service?

Checkmark Your site was found first each and every time a potential customer or client considered buying your product or service?

Checkmark The amount of traffic that was visiting your competitor’s site visited your site instead?

The Simple Answer is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) also spelt as search engine optimization. SEO simply means improving the navigation, content and link popularity of your website so that you can achieve 1st page Google rankings. Search Engines outperform all other media in driving visitors to websites with 85% of Internet users citing search engines as the primary method to find websites. 93% of search engine users don’t look further than the first 2 pages of search results.

Most prefer to use another search engine rather than click past the first 10 results. How can your business succeed if you’re not found there?

Website Design

Why Do I Need A Search Engine Friendly Website?

Practical and Affordable Website Design that is Search Engine Friendly.

Do you want a website that:

Checkmark  Engages users and drives sales to your business?

Checkmark  Is readable and easily indexed by search engines?

Checkmark  Is visually dynamic and stands out from the crowd?

Research shows that a potential customer or client will look at a businesses website to make a decision about whether or not to use that business. This shows the huge importance and potential of a website design that really has the “wow” factor as well as great functionality. When designing a website a lot of web developers do not think about the impact the site or structure of the website will have on SEO. When we think about website design we always incorporate the SEO aspect of a site and make sure that it is search engine friendly. Our website design packages are designed to cater for all businesses and all budgets. Please email us at for a confidential web design quote.

Our websites are dynamic, visually appealing and will really make your business stand out from the crowd.

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